Definition Of Poultry Husbandry

Definition Of Poultry Husbandry – Poultry husbandry This refers to the domestic practice of raising different types of birds and Chicken for different purposes. Some of the domestic birds that makes about this practice include chicken, ducks, and fowls among others.

This practice originated from India before spreading to other parts of the world around 3,000 years ago. The people of India who were so much interested in birds domesticated fowls and this began to spread to other countries like Persia then to Egypt.

Purpose of poultry husbandryPoultry husbandry was and is practiced to a variety of reasons today. In the past, the purpose might have been different. Nowadays, there are so many farmers who are involved in the practice and thus for different reasons.

Definition Of Poultry Husbandry

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The following are some of the reasons that is attributed to this kind of farming:Egg productionThis is one of the reasons that have motivated the same practice to continue. Eggs nowadays are in great demand all over the world due to its nutritive value.

Definition Of Poultry Husbandry

Business persons who are involved in the trade of the same fetch a lot of profits and thus, the practice is a commercial enterprise. Also, eggs have been attached to money value and can be used for exchange purposes. Therefore, the birds that are kept for this same purpose are called layers.Meat ProductionPoultry farming is also done for the purpose of meat. Same to the eggs, chicken beef has gained a lot of demand and is therefore a prestigious food every five-star hotel.see also What You Need to Know About Plastic Mesh Poultry Netting


Here, you will find that, chicken beef are more expensive than other types in most of the restaurants due to the value attached to it. Chicken beef is also attributed to health since most people have started neglecting red meat and have resorted to white meat. The reason for the same is that, white meat has been proven to be healthier than the red meat.

The birds that are kept for the  same purpose are called broilers.Duo purposeWhile some farmers specialize in only one line, some do it for duo purpose. That is, for both meat, eggs and feathers. In this case, majority of the small scale farmers are practicing for the same due to the limited space and the different needs.see also How So Setup Electric Poultry Netting In Winter

What are the benefits?There are so many advantages that comes with poultry husbandry. From the purposes discussed above, if you can venture into the same, keep your eye on it, rest assured that you are going to reap so much benefits that will accrue from it.

Therefore, to mention but a few, the benefits include the following:Great returnsIf you venture into the same, do it heartily, rest assured, within a very short period of time, you will have gained a lot of profits from the same. This is so because, most of the birds take a very short time to mature.

Nutritive valueApart from the profits that you get from the same, eggs and beef from birds have got great nutritive value and therefore, you always have healthy and nutritive food around you and you will always grow strong and healthy.

In conclusion, poultry husbandry is a great enterprise that has gained a lot of popularity and is being practiced all over the world. It is a practice that requires attention for it to yield maximum benefits.see also Poultry Farming Business Plan For Beginners


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