Plastic Mesh Poultry Netting

Plastic Mesh Poultry Netting – These are like webs or nets, based on the fact that they are woven. This barrier fencing safety mesh is commonly used to protect poultry, livestock such as chickens. It is basically an all-purpose mesh, with smooth edges up and down.

Its design is based in the concept of weaving machines. It commonly used by people across the world, especially for caging of chickens.

Plastic fencing is a relatively light material, compared to the alternative type of fence, namely chicken wire.

Plastic Mesh Poultry Netting

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The reason for the difference in weight lies in the fact that polythene weighs less than metal. However, in the case of our choice, there are a few drawbacks that need to be considered, namely, that plastic can be gnawed through by some animals, such as rats or raccoons destroying the very things we intend to protect.

There have even been stories of rabbits gnawing through this material. This is not only less durable, but it is easily bendable.

Plastic Mesh Poultry Netting

An additional benefit associated with this material, is that it will not stretch and deform like the thinner metal alternatives. It is also easier on the grounds of cleaning.


In the grounds of setting up the barriers, this type is easier to fix in. It is supplied on rolls, making it easier for someone to put in and there is no immediate danger to the installer, in terms of sharp edges unlike our alternative.

In addition to this benefit, there is also the advantage that there are no rough edges that can hurt the animals, and they are easier to store. These are available in a variety of sizes, to match the requirements of the buyer. It is in any case, effective in keeping out predators.

Added to the benefits of storage and safety, plastic also does not rust when exposed to liquids – so there is no need to worry about snow or rain or condensation or even animal urine. However, the sun rays can make it lose some color, through fading.see also Organic Chicken Farming Profitable 

This mesh is environmentally friendly, leaving a lower carbon footprint, because it is recyclable. Another consideration to take, is the fact that the material is non-toxic, and would not conduct electricity. This can be a major concern some of the people who grow poultry.

It is produced in a range of sizes, commonly from 1m to 2m width, in a variety of ranges of lengths. There are usually 3 sizes of mesh holes, small, medium and large, at 19 square meshes, 20 by 35mm rectangular meshes and 50 by 50mm square meshes.

This will allow the users to obtain the size that matches their requirements exactly. It is also used in golf and cricket practice as boundaries. There is an abundant amount of choice in requirements available for use in work.

Therefore, taking all these into consideration, if the user finds that this is the best choice for them, then, they would benefit from using plastic mesh poultry netting. In a large amount of places, plastic poultry netting has replaced the traditional chicken wire.see also Review Electric Poultry Netting 


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