How So Setup Electric Poultry Netting In Winter

How So Setup Electric Poultry Netting In Winter – As a chicken farmer, one of the major worries you have is what happens to your chicks when winter comes around.

We all know that winter comes with rain and you need to make sure that your chickens are adequately protected.

Therefore is makes perfect sense that you need to provide protection for your chickens. In some cases it is even required by law that you must provide a form of protection for you chickens.

This is to avoid cases of having them roam about or annoy your neighbors

How So Setup Electric Poultry Netting In Winter

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During winter the best solution is to use an electric fence. This is not a cruel practice. Instead it is an efficient method of protecting your chickens from harm.

Setting up an electric fence can be as simple or complex as you want. It depends on what you feel is best. But basically, you want to go with something that is not too complex.

Using a net is a much better option than going with a wire strand. The nets come in kits and are easier to construct.

How So Setup Electric Poultry Netting In Winter

When deciding on how to setup an electric fence, there are some things you need to consider. There include see also Poultry Farming Business Plan For Beginners 

· How big is the area you want to enclose

· Is it a permanent choice or something temporary

· Are you going to be rotating the grass?


· Consider the fact that it might be very close to public areas

· What is the number of chickens you have

· Is it very close to your power mains?

· What are the things you plan on keeping in or out

· What is the financial cost?

· How easy is it to maintain?

Tips for setting it up

· Always use a rope to place your marks before starting out

· Make sure you place the new before you place it as it is very difficult to move it after

· Spray a weed killer around the area where the net will sit as weeds will make things difficult for you later.

· Always make sure that the ground is wet before laying the net

· Make sure you have at least 3 people when erecting. Two people to hold either end and a third person will be inserting the stakes see also Plastic Mesh Poultry Netting

· Make sure your fence is always at maximum power. You can do this by getting a circuit breaker.

· Always make sure that you have correct warning signs on your fence to warn off visitors or small children.

How it works

An electric poultry fence works in a very simple way.

Power from either a battery or your mains is used to supply current to the net. If you are going with using your power mains, then make sure a qualified professional is brought in to do the job.

The length of the new used will have to be longer and wider. This is to ensure that you can keep out larger breeds and birds within the confined space.

If you are going with a battery option then you need to use the battery used by caravans. This has a higher power than normal car batteries.

Since animals are protected by fur and feathers, you need something that can provide a large amount of spark.see also Organic Chicken Farming Profitable


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