Using Electric Poultry Netting the Best

Using electric poultry netting is the best way to contain your chickens. If you have plans of moving your chickens into fresh pasture from time to time, electric poultry netting can served as a temporary fencing.

This type of fencing may cost you a little bit but you will not be needing insulators or any other kind of fence. With the electric poultry netting your chickens will be safe against their predators.

Using Electric Poultry Netting the Best

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This type of fencing is also known as electroplastic netting or electric poultry fence. Electric poultry fence is easy to move. You can move a part of netting to a new location alone and set it up within 30 to 45 minutes. So, if your poultry requires fresh forage you can move it to a new area easily.

Setting Up Your Electric Poultry Netting

A single poultry net is around 160’ long and can enclose around 40’ by 40’ which is equal to 1600 sq. ft. if formed into a square. Connecting the nets together is easy. Normally, two nets are connected to produce a total perimeter of 320’.see also Poultry Definition And Pronunciation


If you connect two nets together, you can actually double the area that you can enclose. You can contain around 20 chickens and 30 ducks in a 5500 sq. ft rectangular poultry netting.

To support your netting you need fiberglass rods for every 10 ft, and each has a metal spike underneath that can be pushed easily into the soil, except in very rocky or very dry land. Polywires made from a thin rope interwoven with copper wires, are placed several inches apart. These wires will carry the electric charge.

Setting up the netting to make the chicken’s temporary access to the crops is easy. You can plant some cover crops of oats, wheat and alfalfa in your garden during fall.

And when the spring arrives, you can use the netting to allow your chickens forage in and eat the cover crops you have planted. Let the chicken benefit from the crops and let the garden benefit from their waste.

Benefits of Using Electric Poultry Netting

The electric netting with a good quality fence charger can protect your chickens against the predators. You can use a solar charger that is compatible with electric net fencing and can support up to three 160’ sections of netting.

As mentioned earlier, electric poultry netting is easy to build. It does not require a special skill to build the netting. As long as you can follow the steps on how to put up netting you will not have any difficulties setting it up.

The electric poultry netting is durable since the fences are not subjected to the physical pressure from the animals and thus it is expected to last longer. This type of fencing requires less maintenance.

You only need to check the current that passes through the wire once in a while. In case your chickens touch the wire, do not worry the electric netting will not cause damage to them.see also Definition Of Poultry Husbandry


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